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Maithree  Album  Release:

with Nirmala Rajasekar (veena, voice),

Michelle Kinney (cello), Pat O'Keefe (clarinet, saxophone), Tim O'Keefe (world percussion)

Sunday, October 28, 3 PM

Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis, MN, USA


About this album: 


Music forges strong bonds of camaraderie among its creators, performers, and listeners. The collaborative album Maithree: The Music of Friendship does exactly that in proposing a harmonious coexistence between players from different cultures who share a common global dream of enthusiastic diversity.


Co-producer Gary Hines (of Grammy-winning Sounds of Blackness) says:

These are more than just songs. They are a rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic convergence of many diverse souls and spirits into one expressive creation. What comes from the heart reaches the heart. The Maithree experience makes our hearts beat together as one.

Chennai Season: 2018-2019

  • November 27, 7 PM, Bharathi Vidhya Bhavan, with Kunnakudi Balamuralikrishna (voice)

  • December 10, 4 PM, Bharath Kalaachar, with Sanjay Subramaniam (voice)

  • December 17, 4:45 PM, Carnatica, with Saketha Raman (voice)

  • December 18, 4 PM, Narada Gana Sabha, with Sikhil Gurucharan (voice)

  • December 19, 6:45 PM, Music Academy, with Pantula Rama (voice) 

  • December 20, 7 PM, Narada Gana Sabha, with V. Sankarnarayanan (voice)

  • December 21 , Brahma Gana Sabha, with Carnatica Brothers (vocal duet)

  • December 22, Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru, with Carnatica Brothers (vocal duet)

  • December 23, 4 PM, Bhaarath Kalaachar, with Carnatica Brothers (vocal duet)

  • December 24, 4:45 PM, Carnatica, with Suryaprakash (voice)

  • December 25, 6:30 PM, Chennai Fine Arts, with T.V. Sankarnarayanan (voice)

  • December 26, 4 PM, Parthasarathy Sabha, with Carnatica Brothers (vocal duet)

  • December 27, Krishna Gana Sabha, with Bharat Sundar (voice)

  • December 28, 4 PM, Parthasarathy Sabha, with Balamurali Krishna (voice)

  • December 29, 6 PM, Brahma Gana Sabha, with Renganatha Sharma (voice)

  • December 31, 6:30 PM, Mylapore Fine Arts, with Gayathri Venkatraghavan (voice)

  • January 1, 10 AM, Narada Gana Sabha, with B. Kannan (veena)

  • January 4, 6 PM, Nanganallur, with P. Unnikrishnan (voice)

  • January 5, Maharajapuram Visvanatha Iyer Trust, with Nirmala Rajasekar (veena) 

  • January 12, 6:30 PM, Venus Colony, with Sikhil Gurucharan (voice) 

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